“SEPTEMBER 12th, A toy world ” – Political Videogame About The War On Terror

NewsGaming.com launches simulation
that mixes news with videogames

Montevideo, URUGUAY – Sep. 29, 2003 – NewsGaming.com launched today its first online video game based on current international events: “September 12th, A Toy World”. The game analyzes the c
urrent situation of the United States’ War on Terror.

The game uses traditional videogame aesthetics to model a political paradox: current US tactics on the war on terror affect the civilian population and generate more terrorism.

“The basic idea behind ‘September 12th’ can be described as ‘violence generates more violence’. As you try to kill the terrorists, you will always kill civilians ('collateral damage'). Other civilians will mourn their dead and turn into terrorists. After a couple of minutes of play, the screen is full of terrorists”, says Gonzalo Frasca, NewsGaming.com lead designer.

Our games are original because they are not meant just to entertain. Through this piece we want to encourage players to think critically about the efficacy of the United States’ current strategy against terrorism
. Terrorism is a terrible problem and we think it should be fought in a more intelligent way".

"We see the concept of newsgaming as a 21st century equivalent to traditional printed political cartoons: short, controversial satirical pieces that convey biased ideological messages. Video games are a perfect medium for this since they can model complex situations”, he concludes.

A former journalist at CNNenEspañol.com, Gonzalo Frasca is a professional game designer and a video game theorist. He is also the editor of Ludology.org, a major online academic resource for game researchers.

NewsGaming.com team is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and is formed by professional game developers and artists. Periodically, they will release more experimental online games and simulations based on news events.

About NewsGaming.com – This new site showcases video games that editorialize on current international news. Its team gathers a group of professional game developers and artists who believe that videogames can not only entertain but also encourage critical thinking. Periodically, Newsgaming.com will launch online video games related to major international news events.


September 12th