Who are we?

  • Gonzalo Frasca, lead designer and producer. In addition to developing and playing games, Frasca is also a videogame researcher and the editor of Ludology.org, an academic online resource for videogame studies. He currently runs Powerful Robot, a game studio.

  • Sofía Battegazzore, art director. Battegazzore has an art and design background and she has an extensive career in game development. A color specialist, she spends countless hours experimenting until she finds the right palette for each game.

  • Nicolás Olhaberry, programmer and designer. Olhaberry has an encyclopedic knowledge of almost every single game that has ever been published (no kidding!) His dream is that Macromedia releases a more game-friendly version of Flash and Director. When he is not developing games, he is working on Atari 2600 emulators.

  • Pepe Infantozzi, animator and illustrator. One of the most talented Uruguayan animators, Infantozzi has produced several award-winning films and videos. He has recently joined the videogame production world and became a passionate gamer.

  • Fabián Rodriguez, animator, illustrator and graphic designer. Rodríguez is a multi-talented designer who edits "Guacho!", one of the most original South American comics magazines. His Flash animations have been featured on MTV.

  • Federico Balbi, photographer and assistant. A promising Uruguayan young photographer, Balbi has an eye for detail that shows in every game he works on.