Simulation meets political cartoons.

We are a team of independent game developers who believe video games are not simply an amusement.

Games and simulations can also make us think about what is going on in this world.

Periodically, we will use games and simulations to analyze, debate, comment and editorialize major international news.

Come and join us.

Play with fire.

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Here's what the press has been saying about Newsgaming.com:

'An Op-Ed composed not of words but of actions' - The New York Times

"Disturbing rather than fun - but that's the point" - Amnesty International

"Fascinating site" ;
"Clearly there’s some fresh thinking here" - USA Today

"One interesting example (...) of games' growing influence on contemporary art, politics and culture" - The Wall Street Journal

"September 12th has a point to make: that our actions have consequences, and that we should try to understand why other people take to arms" - Wired.com

"Madrid is a moving expression of hope and mourning, a bold social statement in the face of bloody politics" - The Denver Post

"Think of it as SimChomsky" - The Guardian

"Newsgaming represents (a) new form of political expression" - MIT Technology Review