What is newsgaming?
Newsgaming is a word we coined for describing a genre that is currently emerging: videogames based on news events. Traditionally, videogames have focused on fantasy rather than reality, but we believe that they can be
a great tool for better understanding our world. Since newsgaming is so new, it has to find a voice of its own. Therefore, most of our games will be in part experimental.

How often will you publish new games?
Ideally, newsgames should be published every day in news sites. Since game development involves many weeks of work, we cannot commit to a fixed release schedule. However, we aim at publishing several games per year.

Do you produce commercial games?
If you are looking for professional game development, you should contact Powerful Robot Games.

Are your games biased?
Of course they are. We do not believe in objective journalism. We prefer games that encourage critical thinking, even if the player disagrees with our games’ ideas.

Are “September 12th” and "MADRID" connected?
Well, both are games about terror. However, they are not meant to complement each other as a unity. They simply model different aspects of a complex phenomenon. MADRID was quickly developed in a day as a reaction to the horrendous attacks in Madrid on March 11th, 2004.

Why not a game about the 9-11 attacks?
Simply because we were not working as a group of developers when those tragic events happened (actually, our producer was on board of a United flight when the attacks took place). However, we created "MADRID" as a hommage to the victims of terror, especially in Madrid, but also in all the cities that have been targeted by terrorist acts.

Why “September 12th” does not explicitly show terrorist acts?
Simulations are always limited in scope. We decided to focus this particular piece on The War on Terror’s civilian casualties since it is a subject that has not been treated in videogames yet. We assumed that our players are intelligent enough to realize that any form of terrorism is always despicable.

I am interested in showcasing your games in my online news site
We do not currently syndicate our games, but we are to discuss publication on a case-by-case basis as well as producing custom-made newsgames. Please do contact us.

How do I contact you?