“MADRID” – Videogame about the Madrid Terrorist Attacks

Montevideo, URUGUAY – March. 13, 2004– NewsGaming.com launched today a videogame based on the tragic terrorist attacks on the city of Madrid.

The goal of this videogame is to homage the victims of the Madrid terror attacks, as well as all the other cities that have experienced these hideous crimes.

Unlike our previous game, "September 12th", which was crafted in over 3 months, "MADRID" was developed and published 2 days after the events happened.

“With this project, we try to take further the idea of newsgaming: videogames can be used as a medium for complementing the news, a 21st century equivalent of traditional newspaper political cartoons", stated Gonzalo Frasca, designer and producer of 'Madrid'.

"While the development of videogames can take several months and even years, with newsgaming we are now aiming at short, simple online games that can be crafted within a short time after the events happened”, he concluded. Frasca works as a game developer and also as a researcher at the Center for Computer Games Research in Copenhagen (game.itu.dk). However, Newsgaming.com is an independent project an it is not affiliated with this institution.

"Our previous game was more intellectual. With 'MADRID', we tried to reach an emotional side, which is an aspect that is generally not very present in videogames", added Sofía Battegazzore, an artist and game developer, who worked as Art Director in this project.

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